Lawrence and Rose Zynda

SanDisk Supports Noah Homes

by Peter Ferrantelli

In 2007 while photographing the grounds of Noah Homes in preparation for the creation of Noah’s Ark Angel Foundation web site, I noticed a group of residents in one of the patio areas.  Each patio connects two homes and serves as a gathering point for the residents to greet each other upon their return from work and day programs.
As I approached the residents, who were gathered in a circle, I heard their squeals of delight and calls for “let me see mine.”   In the middle of the circle stood Patrick with his digital camera snapping pictures and proudly showing his friends their photos.  At that moment, I had an epiphany.   I realized that those with developmental disabilities enjoy the same things that all of us do.  I also wondered if the people at SanDisk Corporation, who created and produce removable flash memory, realized how much pleasure their genius brings to those challenged with mental and physical disabilities.  

Subsequently, on a business trip to Silicon Valley, I visited SanDisk Corporate headquarters and related my experience to a person from the Investor Relations department.    Eighteen months after that conversation, Noah’s Ark Angel Foundation applied for a SanDisk Grant to support the Noah Homes transportation fleet.  The SanDisk Corporation, an advised fund at the Silicon Valley Community Foundation, awarded the grant.  With the help of the SanDisk gift, the income generated by the endowment fund will support a Noah Homes transportation vehicle, which now displays the SanDisk Name.

We are forever grateful to the men and women who are the heart and soul of SanDisk Corporation.

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