Lawrence and Rose Zynda

Keeping the Promise

Lawrence J. Zynda is a man to be respected.  Lawrence made a promise to his mother that he would make sure that Rose, his special needs sister would be properly cared for.  After the death of Lawrence’s mother he was not able to secure proper placement for Rose.  Lawrence answered the call and became the caretaker of his sister.   For a man without a family who enjoyed the freedom to travel and spend time with friends, one would think that keeping the promise would fade over time; not so for Mr. Zynda.  Lawrence believes in “a promise made is a promise kept”.  As his sister Rose aged,  it has become more difficult to find the perfect placement and it may never happen.  However, Lawrence has continued to support facilities providing care for the developmentally challenged and asking nothing in return for his generosity. Lawrence, more than anyone, knows the need for wonderful facilities like Noah Homes.  Noah’s Ark Angel Foundation is pleased to have the “Zynda” name associated with the Foundation as a Gold Ark Angel Donor.

The story below was written by an unknown writer and we thank Lawrence for giving us permission to post this on our web site.

Peter J. Ferrantelli,
Board Chair

"Lawrence Zynda is one of countless San Diegans who are taking care of loved ones full-time, and as a member of the Caregivers Caucus I'd like to acknowledge him as the first of many caregivers that we will be recognizing in this and upcoming issues of the newsletter.

Rose Zynda has been living with her brother Lawrence since 1993, when she was fifty-seven years old. Rose was born developmentally disabled and her brother is her sole caregiver.

Rose has difficulty expressing emotion and she cannot comprehend joking or teasing. She needs almost constant supervision to remind her of the procedures involved in daily activities.

Lawrence believes that the most important role he plays in Rose's life is to maintain her daily routine. A typical day for Lawrence involves rising early and picking out clothes for Rose. He makes sure that Rose eats a suitable amount of food, and that she does activities that most people take for granted properly, such as brushing her teeth.

For exercise, the pair walks for nearly an hour and a half each day on the beach near their home in Bird Rock. In the evenings, Rose enjoys watching game shows and instructing the contestants of Deal or No Deal on which direction they should take.

For fun, Rose and Lawrence go out to lunch at least once per week. Rose is also an avid bowler and has many photographs with her bowling buddies and trophies she has won.

When asked about the biggest challenge of being a caregiver, Lawrence replies that he has had to deprive himself of things that he would normally do without someone to take care of. Despite this, Mr. Zynda believes that caring for Rose has given him a purpose in life, and that he is contributing to society in a way very few people are able to do. He wants more recognition for workers who are caring for loved ones twenty-four hours a day without assistance.

Mr. Zynda is a selfless, compassionate caregiver, as are so many of those who make personal sacrifices to support those around them."

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