Noah Homes: Community of Excellence

Funding Goals

Our Goal

  • $15 Million long-term funding goal

Providing perpetual support for:

  • Maintenance and upkeep
  • Furnishings and equipment
  • Healthcare and activities

Your Support Matters!

Noah Homes provides housing and support for adults with special needs; not simply housing, however, Noah Homes is home. People generally move into a home in the Noah Homes community for long term support. The level of support and equipment required is determined by the needs of the residents, and changes as the residents age.

The Noah Homes community currently maintains vans for transporting residents to and from work, medical appointments, and other activities. The homes’ furnishings and grounds also need regular upkeep and maintenance, as well as modifications for accessibility. In addition to equipment, maintenance, and beautification, the quality and success of Noah Homes is also dependent upon the staff that helps to make the environment of peace and love possible.

Earned income generated through Noah’s Ark Angel Foundation may be used to support these needs as well as to provide onsite educational programs for the senior population, special events for residents, and staff development programs. Upon reaching pre-set funding goals, Noah’s Ark Angel Foundation will relinquish a portion of its investment income to the board of Noah Homes, Inc. which will determine the uses of those funds. The remainder of the investment income will be reinvested for future growth.