Message from the Chair

These are exciting times at Noah Homes and Noah’s Ark Angel Foundation. First and foremost we are all grateful for the high standards and quality of life that Noah Homes is providing to our nearly 100 residents. The front line staff and executive team continue to excel and are setting the standard as an Affinity Choice Community™ .

I want to call you attention to several changes that are taking place in the weeks and months ahead – changes that will ensure that we meet our mission of providing sustainability in support of Noah Homes and our residents.

The most important changes that are now in motion include 1) a renewed commitment to focusing on fund raising for the purpose of reaching a Foundation financial goal that will sustain Noah Homes in perpetuity 2) growing the number of Board Members to provide financial stability and oversight expertise 3) revising our website to better communicate the valuable role and mission that the Ark Angel Foundation serves.

We will be making some announcement in the near future regarding fund raising activities. We continue to seek and recruit community leaders with a commitment and passion to the community we serve. We are currently developing a more streamlined website that will work in concert with the Noah Homes web site.

We are coming off a great year at Noah Homes. The success is due to a Best in Class Executive Team, the best professional staff in the industry, our wonderful residents whom we all serve with great love, and our donors, who, without their generosity and support, none of this would be possible.

We at the Foundation are grateful for all who have a stake and commitment to the Foundation and Noah Homes. Feel free to reach out to the Ark Angel Foundation if we can answer any questions. Again, thank you for your generosity and support.

With Gratitude,

Jack V Cohen
( Chair, Noahs Ark Angel Foundation )