Noah's Ark Angel Foundation

Noah’s Ark Angel Foundation (the Foundation) is a single purpose charitable foundation supporting the work of Noah Homes, Inc., a residential community for adults with special needs. Noah Homes currently receives funds and donations intended to help Noah Homes meet current financial obligations. Supporters and the Noah Homes board of directors established the Foundation to raise awareness of Noah Homes and to strengthen Noah's present and future financial stability.

The Foundation was created to maintain the high level of quality that remains the standard for Noah Homes programs and services as well as the beauty of the Noah Homes community. The funds raised by Noah’s Ark Angel Foundation are restricted. Investment earnings will be used solely for the benefit of Noah Homes, Inc.

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Peter Ferrantelli, the chair of Noah’s Ark Angel Foundation, invites you to experience Noah Homes by viewing our introductory video. Mark Walton, a former TV journalist and current vice president and financial advisor at Morgan Stanley in La Jolla, California, will be your host.

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